What's that sound? Is it:

  • Social Distortion playing a James Taylor tribute concert?
  • Jackson Browne backed by Green Day as conducted by Randy Newman?
  • The result of a recombinant genetic experiment utilizing the DNA of Billy Joel and Billy Idol?

Joshua Bennett is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose songs explore the wide, often paradoxical range of human nature, from the noble to the reprehensible. His sets feature sentimental, family-man, acoustic ballads juxtaposed with full-tilt, bad boy, blues-rock songs celebrating the misfit and the rebel.

Josh has been writing songs and performing both solo and in various bands for over twenty years, including Cold Fusion, The Revenge Business, Pickman's Models, Carbon 40, and The Switchlings. 

He lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner, their child, and one bad, bad kitty