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Teaching, Performing, Open Mics, Oh My!!! 

Well, well…It's been a busy couple of months! 

  • The upstairs has been re-carpeted, and the home studio is now set up for recording and lessons
  • I've been working on a comprehensive list of open mics in the greater Portland/Vancouver area.
  • I've been trying to attend every open mic that I can…and update the above-mentioned list, as needed.
  • I recorded a four-song demo with The Switchlings at The Hallowed Halls.
  • I'm overhauling and updating this site – and my social media accounts – as fast as my primitive monkey brain can come up with things to type and my fumbly monkey fingers can type them! 

Hope you all are well! If anyone needs me, I'll be teaching, performing, recording, and generally trying to make the world a better, more musical place. :) 

 - J.

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